Massage is a Must


Many people seek out massage therapy as a treatment. The benefits of massage are many. Whether you are looking to relax or to heal, massage has a lot to offer.

There are various massage treatments and styles, each designed to naturally target the area of your body that needs to be treated. Sports massage, for example, helps to break down acids which build in the muscles during strenuous sport activity. The massage helps get the muscles get back into an acclimated form, and also help reduce sports-related injuries from occurring because it helps incorporate stretching and motion into the body, relaxing the muscles and calming them. A sports massage aids both pre and post sport events because it helps increase the circulation in the muscles and helps speed up the blood flow to reduce the adrenaline that is built up. If there is a sports injury the massage can help place the athlete back into a functional mode. Every muscle has a memory, and if injured, a massage helps put the muscle back into the position it belongs in, helping prevent or stop muscle bulging and Charley horses. Shiatsu, a form of massage that uses pressure and acupuncture in order to stimulate and redistribute energy throughout your body and especially your muscles, is often used on athletes and is proven to relieve muscle tension.

Another area in which massage therapy can be beneficial is during pregnancy. A mother's heart rate speeds up while she is pregnant, which helps supply the unborn child with oxygen and blood. However, the body is so occupied with supplying the baby that the mother's hands, feet and other areas become cold from lack of blood supply. Getting regular massages while pregnant increases the blood circulation throughout the mother's body. If there are any complications massage helps keep it to a minimum and helps with the birthing process. Being massaged while pregnant also helps relive pain caused by being pregnant, such as back pain, leg cramps etc.

People's medical ailments often come from pain caused by an unknown source. Massages can help drain toxins out of your body and get your circulation going. It helps maintain your system and helps keep you from getting sick. If you have a cold or flu, your recovery time will be a lot quicker if you get a massage during it. The sickness will come on faster but it will also be gone faster, sometimes making you ill for a matter of hours instead of days.

Even emotional issues can benefit from massage. Massaging certain areas through the use of acupuncture and reflexology can increase cerebral spinal fluid as well as be both relaxing and therapeutic. Fire Cupping, another unique form of massage, is a treatment where a cotton ball dipped in 50% or greater alcohol is lit and the cotton ball is then introduced inside of the cup for a brief second. The cup is then placed on the patient. As a small vacuum has been created by the combustion of the oxygen inside the cup, the skin is drawn up into the cup creating a seal. This method actually draws toxins out of your skin, leaving you feel lighter and refreshed afterward.

Massage therapy can do a world of good for you. It can ease your pain, relax your body and cleanse your soul. So the next time you need a little cleansing time, let our hands heal you, both inside and out.