A Duet: Featuring Music and Massage


Music has a way of influencing your mood. Think about it. When you're stressed you put on some uplifting tunes. When you're feeling a little down, slower more melodic tunes are in order. During a massage, it's no different. The music you hear was selected for a purpose -- to relax you.

Music genres
Of course, there is a variety of music to select from. The most common genre played falls into the easy listening category. Some days we break out the classical music to help clients relax, while other days we stay away from Mozart. Classical music isn't for everyone and we take that into consideration.

Music during massage
The music you hear during your massage helps quiet your mind. You probably wouldn't be relaxed if rock 'n' roll was cranking through speakers. The music choice is deliberate and designed to complement the motions used during a massage. In most cases, the music selection matches the environment so well you won't even notice it. However, if the music isn't working for you, tell us. We will be happy to accommodate you.

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